The topic focus for this group is ANIMALS. What we are looking for are types of animals certainly, but more importantly, how the discussion of animals relate to zookeeping, ethics, and practice.

Questions to look at:
_ Knowing what tigers look like and act like at certain moments(look at the above pictures) Would you keep Richard Parker alive or would you come up with another plan to get to him off the boat? Do you think that Pi's plan was the right way to go about dealing with Richard Parker? What would your plan have been? (Alex, Greg, Phill, Dan)
Now that Pi and Richard Parker are on an Island what would you do? Stay and continue to get stronger while Richard Parker continues to get stronger or gather what you can and leave with Richard Parker Or third option leave with what you can and leave the tiger? (alex, Don, Greg, Phil, Kenny)

"The sloth is at it's busiest at sunset, using the word busy here in the most relaxed sense. It moves along the bough of a tree in it's charactericstic upside-down position at the speed of roughly 400 meter an hour. On the ground, it crawls to its next tree at the rate of 250 an hour an hour, when motivated, which is 440 time slower that a motivated cheetah. Unvotivated, it covers 4 to 5 meters in an hour." (4 G.Kritenbrink alex, phill, kenny, dan- davis)

-At this time in Pi's life he is moving at slow and steady pace compared to how he is moving while he out at sea. While he obseriving the sloth he knows where his next meal is going to come from and has a roof over his head. Every thing is slow and steady. Calm.(Alex)

Existentialism 6hr
ex·is·ten·tial·ism (ĕg'zĭ-stĕn'shə-lĭz'əm, ĕk'sĭ-)

n. A philosophy that emphasizes the uniqueness and isolation of the individual experience in a hostile or indifferent universe, regards human existence as unexplainable, and stresses freedom of choice and responsibility for the consequences of one's acts.

"With out thinking about it, only because it was at hand's reach and about to sink, I took hold of the net and pulled it aboard, a casual gesture that would turn out to be a life saver in many ways; this net would become one of my most precious poessessions". (140) (Alex)

~This quote embodies existentialism because Pi is isolated out in the middle of the sea. A completely different universe then he knows. It is a whole new world. How Pi manages to stay alive for 227 days is a feat that not many could do with out help from outside sources. Then it was the choices that Pi made that helped him stay alive: deciding to eat meat, getting over killing, and dealing with a tiger. Deciding to grab the net saved Pi, even though it ment losing the bananas. (Alex)

1) Song
2) What is and is not existentialism
3) Monk

"You see, it's rather that bees do what bees always do becuase they are bees, but they are bees because they want to be bees. To be a bees ot not to be a bee, that' s the Real Question." This qoute stems off of existentialism because everyone is an individual. Only bees can be bees because that is who they want to be. They have no gain out of being a bee. That is just the form of who they are. The shape that something takes does not define the choices that they would make in life it would only guide them ( for instance making honey). ( Alex)

EXISTENTIALISM ---Our thoughts, images, and discoverie

"Before i could say the word alone, I was alone again....... .... and the next moment i heard my dear brother shriek before like i'd never heard anyone shriek before. He let go of me." (pg 321 Forster, Megan, Lizzie, Ryan)

This show the great effects of being alone, how being alone is so hard on him. I believe he truely finds out who he is however from being alone. When everything else is taken away from him and all he has is himself, all you can do is either die or find out who you truely are and what your capable of.

"I was more affected by his imminent demise then I was my own. But truely, broken down and wasted away as I was, I could do no more for him." (pg 305 Forster, Megan, Lizzie, Ryan)

This quote shows pi's true being by how when it comes down to what he believes is the end; of his life, he thinks of others before him self. He truely feels sadder that the tigger had to suffer then that he himself had to suffer. It's in Pi's personality to care more about other then himself."

"So We All Are Who We Want To Be.” After discussing the Winnie the Pooh story we deiced that, that quote by Pooh is the main point of the existentialism in the story. Not only does the story talk about who you are as a person but also that you personally create who you are as a person. "But if we could choose, and if we really thought about it, then we would probably choose to be ourselves". Everything you do in life is a choice and scene the choices you make in life make you who you are, even if we could choose to be anyone else in the world we would choose to be ourselves. Which in my personal opinion is a truly great and remarkable thing/thought! (Forster, Lizzie, Megan, Ryan)