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Responsibility Challenge: This challenge is ongoing. Each reading assignment, students are asked to keep a dialectical journal cataloging their thoughts, observations, inferences, and questions. In order for your tribe to earn a point, each member must have their dialectical journal.

Will Power Challenge: Wed. Oct. 3rd. After reading about Nietzsche's philosophy about will power and applying the Greek's principle of akrasia, we explored the idea of mind over matter.

Tribe Rankings:

1st hour: Christianity won "The Guest" project competition. Muslim group was 2nd place.
6th hour: Animals won and Christianity group was 2nd place.

1st hour: 3-2ay tie for the Creativity Challenge: Truth/perception, Hindu, & Christianity. 2nd place: Psychology
6th hour: 1st--Psychology, 2nd--Hinduism, 3rd--Christianity and Relationships, 4th--Biology

6th hour: Here are the winnders for the Locker/Existentialsim Challenge. These are the student groups that truly not only understood existentialism, but SHOWED their understanding: 1st--Truth/Perception; 2nd--Muslim; 3rd--Biology; 4th--Relationships AND Hindu

1st hour (updated 11/14/07)

AND THE WINNER IS...Truth and perception!!!

1st place: Truth/perception (131.6)
2nd place: Muslim (130.25)
3rd place: Psychology (118)
4th place: Christianity (117.5)
5th place: Hinduism (115)
6th place: Relationships (101.6)
7th place: Biology (83)
8th place: Animals (76)

2nd hour (updated 11/15/07)


1st place: Biology (150)
2nd place: Relationships (148.8)
3rd place: Truth/perception (141.75)
4th place: Hinduism (140)
5th place: Christianity (133.5)
6th place: Animals (120)
7th place: Psychology (116)
8th place: Muslim (85)