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Survivor Challenge -- Scavenger Hunt

The team that got voted off the hunt will have an opportunity to earn immunity and the possibility to earn points, but will not be in the scavenger hunt.

The challenge: there is an imminent possibility for a lock down. Terrorism is mounting and our school wants us to be prepared. Each team will need to search the school for items that would help their team survive indefinitely. You cannot purchase items, nor steal from school property—You MUST NOT leave school property. You must not RUN through the halls; walk quickly and as seniors should, be respectful of other classes. You might ask to borrow or use certain items for this competition.

Like Pi will have to do on the boat, you will need to use wit, logic, resourcefulness, certainly within a time constraint to gather what you think is necessary to survive. Be back in no more than 20 minutes. Look at your watches and be back at . Go!

Can you earn immunity? At our point in the novel (Ch. 37-44), Pi needs certain things. There is an item in the classroom that would help Pi survive not physiologically, but in at least 2 categories. Find the 1 and you will earn your immunity. You will only get 2 chances so be thoughtful with your item and reasoning. IF you find the right item, you will have a question to answer correctly and you will have earned half your points. Once immunity and points are earned, you are participating (in your own way) in today's challenge. But...you're not done!

Question: How does this item become Pi's akrasia?

Congratulations! You found the immunity item and figured out the question; here is your challenge:

The team that was voted off, you get to be the point assessors. You will come up with a feasible list of items students might find...and should find in various manners. You will determine what a feasible number of items would be to gather in 20 minutes and then determine a survival rate. Ex. if they have 6 of 10 items, they would have a 60 % survival rate. They need to determine what survival rate should get the most points. Teams will return and your group will look at the items and deem their tribe’s points.

1. Now that you have returned and while the voted-off team is assessing your points, you need to see how many of your items fit into each of Maslow's categories.

2. Explain why you think your items are the best ones to have despite...or because...of the categories your items represent.

3. Explain what 2 categories Pi will need most on Maslow's hierarchy and argue for why those are the 2 most important needs to be fulfilled.

4. Find a quote that shows Pi's conviction, coping skills, perseverance, or will power, etc.

5. Last, think about how this challenge of learning something new (Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs), applying it to the pyramid, then transferring this knowledge to another application (scavenger hunt) allows you to learn this information. Does it make it more confusing, does it help you each learn it better, are you able to apply your learning to the novel and Pi's experiences? We will discuss #5 on Wed.

*** I will read your arguments to assess the ultimate winners and post your tribe's score on the wiki.

Return your items to their proper place, thanking whoever you need to thank, and once again, do not run through the halls. Thanks and great job scavenging!

HW: Read Ch. 45-56 (if you haven't already) and annotate. Be prepared for a quiz and to debrief today's challenges.